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Every year thousands of people decide to undertake the Coast to Coast walk.

My brother-in-law and I are just 2 of these many, but what those who do not take the challenge realise is that that the trip from St Bees to Robin Hoods Bay is only part of the adventure, the walking is only 80% of the discovery, the other 20%, the BEST 20%, is meeting YOU, the people who stitch the walk together with your kindness, warmness and welcoming smiles at the end of each and every long day of ups and downs, sun and showers, blisters and sprains.

You amazing people and your families, old and young (place yourselves in either) with your comfort, friendship, witty conversation, beer drinking ability, amazing breakfasts and of course intellect gave Ste and I the desire to continue and finish what we had set out to do!

We hope you dont mind but we took a little piece of each of you with us as we walked, it made us smile and gave us memories we will cherish for ever.

Ste and I wanted to send this note to say Thank You for taking 2 tired men in and looking after us, helping recharge our batteries with your amazing hospitality and sending us on the next day with renewed vigour and drive to complete the walk.

We arrived in Robin Hoods Bay on Thursday 23rd August 2012, 13 days after leaving St Bees on Saturday 11th August, and in doing so we raised over £2000 for The Northwest Air Ambulance.

This would not have been possible without you and for that we will be eternally grateful.

You never know maybe some time in the future we will do the walk again, but not right now, our feet need a little rest.

Many would say the Coast to Coast walk is important for your business, actually, what you do is vital for the Coast to Coast walk.

Please never lose your drive and passion for us nutters who decide to walk 190 odd miles from sea to sea each year, it makes the CTC more of a Smile to Smile.

Yours forever in your gratitude and in our hearts.

Stuart & Ste

(Photo attached so you can try and put faces to the names)


C2C - Haven

A brief note to say what a real haven the Lion Inn turned out to be - after what is without doubt the hardest day on the C2C trip from Ingleby Cross it was great to find somewhere with comfortable beds, plenty of hot water, great beer, very tasty food and very friendly staff!!

Thanks to you all

Paul Carter - May 19 2012



Dear Paul,

Thanks for the tour of the cellar and education on the fine cask ales served at the Lion. I enjoyed the opportunity to "stand in for you at the bar and attach a photo for the record. The Lion is a landmark I look forward to visiting when I am in the north of England. The food, ales and atmosphere are second to none and are all too rare these days. Best wishes to you all and Cheers until the next time.

Phil Bouldin, Greenville, South Carolina USA

20 July 2010



Every time I have been visiting my dear friend Jennifer living in Marton Middlesbrough over the past 25 years, lunch at the Lion Inn has always been on the programme and has become a tradition. The first time was summer 78 and the last time april this year.The food is great, the atmosphere friendly and the view breathtaking. We are looking forward to come again..and again.

Best wishes from

Anne Oulie, Oslo, Norway


Hi Paul,
You might have seen us flying around Blakey this morning about 10 am - well here are the photographs.
One of these times, I am going to land for a coffee !!
Ken Chisholm
30 Jan 2004

Thank you for a very welcome stay over the two nights of snow and all the help from you and your staff was appreciated.

I'm sure you get lots of photos sent but I have attached a couple that we have also sent to our friends who live in warmer climates than us.

Regards Dave & Margaret Lehan (February 2005)



Photos from Rae Mitchell, Jan & Feb 2009



I have attached some photos I took whilst enjoying a stay at your great pub
during our coast to coast walk with sherpas in June of this year .


Greg King and Wendy King (2009)



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