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Snow December 2010 2 customers & 5 staff members snowed in for 8 days. Photos by Rob "The Stranded Bar Tender" Sunley



15th Jan 2010 The smell of a steaming mug of cappuccino inspires Dave the trusty postman to fight his way through the drifts!



14th Jan 2010


10th & 11th January 2010

With all roads to The Lion Inn blocked by snow for 10 days, the only way Paul the manager could get into work was to drive to the North of Rosedale and climb up the valley side through waist deep snow. The trek up the valley was pretty tough, especially as all the tracks and paths were hidden under snow. Things got worse at the top of the ridge when the gale force blizzards were causing havoc. Here's some photos of the crazy journey!

With all roads to Blakey blocked, a gentle strole was in order!
The well worn track up the hill soon disappeared
Aproaching the top, after 11/2 hours of crawling through waist-high drifts
The summit. It's hard to stand in the gale force winds
The Blakey Ridge road, looking South.
The Blakey Ridge Road, looking North
The Blakey Ridge Road, looking South
Looking North. Blakey rooftops just in view (top right)
A welcome sight... Get the kettle on!
The head chef's car is under this lot, last seen about 4 days ago.
The old building laughs in the face of the blizzard. She's seen it all before!
Mon 11th Jan, help breaks through from Castleton.
It took 5 hours to clear the past 3 miles.
This Landrover came for a play on the Moors 2 days ago.
Oh dear...
The owners of this car came for a Bar Meal 6 days ago, they were rescued the following day, their car wasn't!
  "Food served all-day" except today
Think we'll be struggling to get the wheelie bin to it's collection point this week!
Picnic anyone?
A room with a view
Here's a video filmed 10&11 Jan 2010: 10 January 2010 - Photos kindly supplied by Tom Jackson (1 of the passengers in the stranded Landrover above)

Photos taken 3rd Feb 2009 kindly sent by Mrs Rae Mitchell


February 2005


Aerial photos by Ken Chisholm 28/2/05


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