**LARGE SELECTION OF CHEFS SPECIALS ARE ALSO AVAILABLE DAILY** Appetisers & Starters Soup of the Day £4.50 Prawn Cocktail £5.45 Luxury Norwegian Prawns in a Marie Rose sauce Breaded Mushrooms £5.45 Button Mushrooms in crispy Breadcrumbs served with a Garlic Dip & Salad Garnish Giant Yorkshire Pudding with Gravy £4.50 Deep Fried Brie £5.45 Served with a Sweet Pickle Dip & Salad Garnish Pate & Toast £5.45 Chicken Goujons £5.45 Served with a Barbeque Dip Snacks Filled Jacket Potatoes from £4.95 Various Sandwiches from £4.95 Meat Dishes All main dishes are served with Chips, Salad and Vegetables, alternatively you may order Rice or Potatoes of the Day Sirloin Steak (10-12oz) £20.95 Served with Mushrooms and Onion Rings Fillet Steak (8oz-10oz) £24.95 Served with Mushrooms and Onion Rings Sauces for Steaks (Peppercorn, Stilton or Diane) £2.95 Fillet Steak Medallions in Stilton Sauce £25.95 Home Cooked Ham with Egg or Pineapple £12.50 Gammon with Egg or Pineapple £12.50 Home Made Lasagne £12.50 Hot Beef Sandwich £8.50 Served with Chips & salad 100% Beef Burger (2x4oz) £12.50 Served on a Bap with the Choice of Thousand Island, Hot or Mild Chilli, Sweetcorn or Onion Relish Home Made Steak & Mushroom Pie £12.50 Chef's Own Beef Curry £12.50 Served with either Rice, Chips or both Old Peculier Casserole £12.50 Made with Theakstons Old Peculier Ale, Steak and Vegetables Chicken Dishes Chicken Supreme £12.50 Whole grilled Chicken Breast with a Mushroom and Cream sauce Chicken with Leek & Bacon £12.50 Whole grilled Chicken Breast with a creamy Leek & Bacon sauce Chefs Own Chicken Curry £12.50 Served with Rice, Chips or both Chicken Tikka Masala £12.50 Served with Rice, Chips or both Fish Dishes Deep Fried Wholetail Scampi £12.50 Large Fillet of Cod in Batter £12.50 Salmon Steak in Creamy White Wine 7 Prawn Sauce £14.95 Vegetarian Menu Roasted Vegetable Lasagne £12.50 Selection of choice Vegetables, Wholemeal Pasta and tasty Bechamel Sauce Roasted Vegetable Jalfrezi £12.50 Roast Carrots, Potatoes and Red Onion in a tomato sauce with flavours of Coriander, Cumin and Tandoori Masala Mushroom Stroganoff £12.50 Sautéd Button Mushrooms, Peppers, Onion, Herbs and Paprika cooked in a French Mustard and Cream sauce Vegetarian Nut Roast £12.50 Individual Nut Roast slices with toasted Hazelnuts and Mushrooms delicately flavoured with herbs Children's Menu available to under 16s Cheese & Tomato Pizza Pepperoni Pizza Egg & Bacon Fish Fingers Chicken Nuggets Chicken Burger Quarterpound Beefburger Scampi The above meals are served with Chips and Baked Beans Filled Yorkshire Pudding Choose a filling from:- Sausage & Beans or Steak & Mushroom (either Chips or Roast Potatoes are included ) All Children's Meals are £6.50 Sweets Raspberry Brandy Snap Basket Raspberry Meringue Hot Chocolate Fudge Cake Chocolate Nut Sundae Banana Split Hot Black Cherries in Cherry Brandy Jam Roly Poly with Custard Sticky Toffee Sponge with Custard The above sweets are £4.75 Selection of Ice Cream £2.95 Flavours include, Strawberry, Vanilla, Chocolate Hot Drinks Coffee & Mint £1.95 Cup of Tea £1.50 Pot of Tea £2.00 per person Espresso £1.95 Cappuccino £2.25 Moccaccino £2.25 Caffe Latte £2.25 Latte Machiato £2.25 Hot Chocolate £2.25